International Business Center


A common belief long held by the founders, is that Grenada and the Caribbean is full of potential and ripe for investment and opportunity. Combine this with an excellent place to live and work, necessitated that they not keep this secret to themselves.

The International Business Center, is a one stop shop for persons interested in doing business in Grenada and the Caribbean.


Founder & Managing Director

frequently asked questions

No. The International Business Center (IBC) is not a Law firm. We offer a variety of services, including recommending and referring our clients to Law firms to provide legal services when required.

Our offices are located in Grenada. However, we have relationships across the Caribbean and the world. Our clients will have the same personable service experience no matter where they are, or where they want to do business worldwide.

We believe that the Caribbean appeals to persons who wish for a more personable relationship with their service providers. As such, we go to extra-ordinary lengths to make sure that our clients feel confident in our ability, but also feel at ease in doing business.

Our rates vary based on the needs of our clients. Contact us for a FREE consultation and we will surely identify your needs and provide our assistance.